Wrapping and Banding

Wrapping Solutions, Reel to Box

The UNIPACK 520 device is an inline wrapping line for the boxing of sheet piles. The sheets (DIN A4 sheets, label sheets) - piled up in the S-52-2 stacking device - are delivered directly from the stacking device into pre-defined boxes and are then further transported. The boxes are fed from 2 storage units. The production line can be expanded with follow-up units such as a box cover inserter, a labelling device or a pallet dispenser.   

Inline Confectioning and Film Wrapping

From reel to final product: everything in one go (unwinding, printing, cross-cutting, bottom sheet iserting, stacking, top sheet inserting, and film wrapping).


Inline wrapping unit consisting of unwind, printing press, sheeter, stacking device, collapsible box erection and inserting device, packaging system, box cover sealing device, and pallet dispenser.