S-52-2 / S-74-3

Multi-functional stacking devices for various materials such as paper or self-adhesive products (labels). Adaptable to basically any printing press.



    • Stacking and counting device for stack production from 6" to 13"
    • Safe processing with production speeds up to 350 m/min. (DIN A4)
    • Stack changing system without interruption of the shingle stream
    • High operation comfort
    • Shortest set-up times thanks to format changes without any need of tools
    • Easily movable on rolls
    • Pneumatic joggers with integrated blow air
    • Optionally equipped with a cardboard inserter S-52-2-CI, and S-74-3-CI respectively

      Stack Production

      The stack change occurs without interruption of the shingle stream. During this process, 4 individually adjustable gripper fingers seize the incoming sheets and build a gap for the insertion of the reception fork. This method guarantees a high production reliability with speeds up to 350 m/min. (DIN A4). For the 3-up version S-74-3, the grid division for the reception fork is constructed in a way that the fork bars are suitable for the production of 3 x A4 and twice 8⅓ " x 332 mm.


      Reception Belt

      The reception belt, equipped with round belts, a drive motor and a lifting device, can store up to 4 stacks and facilitates the handling of the piles thanks to an ergonomic working height of 860 mm. The reception belt can be supplied in a left or right version according to the customer's wishes and is installed in a 90°-angle to the web running direction.


      Counting - Stacking - Cardboard Insertion: S-52-2-CI / S-74-3-CI

      The special versions S-52-2-CI / S-74-3-CI with an integrated sheet/cardboard inserter open up new possibilities in product design and production processing. In just one operating process, it is possible to interleave each pile with sheets or cardboard at intervals that can easily be selected by the operator. These "Pick and Place" inserters have been invented specifically for the S-52-2 and S-74-3 devices. Any paper/cardboard grammages from 80 – 1,000 gsm can be processed safely and without any difficulty in up to 2 streams, and 3 streams respectively.


      Static Blocking Unit

      Formats with a segment length of less than 10”, varnished sheets, and paper weights of less than 60 gsm usually have very little adhesion and tend to be shifted during the stack piling process and especially during the transport.


      S-52-2 / S-74-3

      The static blocking unit guarantees a compact moving of the stack during its transport into a further processing unit such as the SOLLAS 20, the ATS-US-2000 AB Transit or the Universa 400 NT.